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Sports Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, & Training

   Athletic injuries have become more common as athletes often specialize in one sport and play year-long seasons. Sports injuries needing postoperative care often take several months to a year (or longer) before the athlete can return safely to their sport. These injuries require sport specific rehabilitation and training to regain mobility, strength, speed, agility, and endurance. SMPT focuses on returning its athletes of all abilities to their sport with confidence and a decreased risk of re-injury.


   The physical therapists of SMPT use a combination of extensive academic knowledge, a desire to connect with each athlete individually, and personal coaching and athletic experience to provide evidence-based care to its athletes.   Many of our physical therapists are former Division 1 athletes as well as NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists.  We are dedicated to restoring, improving, and maximizing the potential of each athlete.

The care SMPT provides to the athletic community has many forms:

  • In the Clinic:  post injury and post surgical care is provided at our facility using both land and aquatic-based care.

  • Injury Prevention Programs:  SMPT has provided injury prevention programs to school-aged athletes for over 20 years. We work with individual teams to screen at-risk athletes, address faulty movement mechanics, and provide full-team training programs.

  • Individual Athletic Assessment:  Young athletes struggling to regain pre-injury performance or healthy athletes struggling to get faster, quicker, or more agile can benefit from a detailed SMPT assessment.  Our physical therapists will identify potential issues limiting maximal performance, address the issues, and provide corrective education, exercises, and strategies.

Please contact SMPT for details regarding any of our programs and how we might help you improve your athletic performance.   916 965-8900.

Services Provided

  • Pre and Post Operative Sport Specific Rehabilitation

  • Return to Running Program

  • Plyometrics

  • Agility

  • Speed

  • Evidence Based Return to Sport Testing

  • ACL Injury Prevention Program

  • FMS Level 1 and 2 Certified

  • Y Balance Certified

Aquatic Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation

   SMPT has the unique opportunity to combine sports rehabilitation and aquatic therapy using our onsite aquatic center. Aquatic therapy can assist in the reduction of pain and swelling, support recovery of gait, maintain cardiovascular endurance, accelerate and optimize motor planning and retraining, and allow for earlier introduction of plyometrics, power training and running.  The result is a safer, more comprehensive progression through the stages of rehabilitation.


Hear It from Our Patients

Ayla K.

   I began Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy for recovering from an ACL reconstruction surgery. We began with land only exercises which helped, however, my range of motion was limited on land. PT Maddie and Quinn came up with the idea of doing in water exercises to help quicken the recovery. My goal was to get back into water polo 5 months post operation. Maddie began leading me in different exercises in the pool, after I had warmed up on land with the bike. In the pool I was able to not only walk efficiently but also run. Without the hard impact on my knee that comes from running on land, in the water I had full range of motion and low impact which allowed me to move forward with my recovery at an excelled rate. I could do sprints forwards, backwards, and side-to-side in the pool within 3 months post operation. While it took some time to be able to run on land with the efficiency I found in the water, the transition was very smooth because my muscles had been able to develop through the water exercises. Also being able to run in water so quickly after my operation really helped with my motivation to continue the recovery process and to not give up. The program the therapists at Swanson McArthur created for me was amazing and extremely helpful. They really care about their patients and do everything in their power to help you. I would recommend them to any athlete in need of a physical therapist. I had a 10/10 experience.

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