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Aquatic Physical Therapy

Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy’s Aquatic Rehabilitation Center is an on-site, indoor, heated pool, adjacent to our rehabilitation gym.  It includes the following characteristics:

  • Double rails to ease entry and exit from the pool

  • Bars around the majority of the pool to aid exercise performance.

  • 4-4 1/2 foot depth, approx. size:  12’x 20’

  • A variety of pool and rehabilitation equipment to challenge different levels of fitness.

  • Poolside shower to rinse off before or after each session


Our Instructional Aquatic Physical Therapy Program is a program tailored to meet the individual needs and demands of the patient.  Your program is developed, monitored, and modified personally by our physical therapists. Your physical therapist is poolside for the entire session. For highly involved patients or pediatrics, the PT has the flexibility to schedule one on one sessions within the pool on a case by case situation.


Common Conditions Treated In Our Pool:

Hear It from Our Patients

Hear It from Our Patients

Who Can Benefit From Aquatic Therapy?


Recent studies have shown aquatic exercises to be effective in treating a number of conditions.  Patients with chronic pain (joint pain or muscle pain), arthritic conditions, painful spinal conditions, and balance difficulties all benefit from an individualized aquatics program.  


Pressure exerted on the body by the water helps to reduce swelling.  In addition, load sensitive patients respond very well to the buoyancy created by the water. The hydrostatic pressure has shown to prevent distal blood pooling to assist with stabilizing vitals for the ability to exercise longer and safer compared to a land based routine. 


The buoyancy also helps those suffering from painful arthritic spine, hip, knee, and ankle conditions. The buoyancy allows for early, safe weight bearing exercises and gait training specifically for post operative patients after joint replacements or invasive surgery making transitions between rehabilitation stages more successful. 

In addition to the soothing benefits of the heated water (91°), movement against the water is met with resistance. This allows for strengthening in a warm environment with less joint compression. 


Balance training can be achieved as well due to the supportive nature of the water. The water allows for increased reaction time, it reduces the risk of falling, and it lessens the challenges to a patient’s coordination. It allows for patients to feel their independence return during each session that might be lacking on land due to assistive devices, weakness or being a fall risk.


The pool can be used to create a solid foundation and decrease overall hesitation for better success of tolerating and transitioning to land based therapy. The physical therapists work together to create a cohesive aquatic and land based therapy program depending on the individual or phase of rehabilitation.  

Do not hesitate to contact our clinic to discuss an injury that you do not see listed above or any questions about our aquatic physical therapy program! The front desk or a physical therapist will be happy to answer any questions before scheduling your appointment!


   Early 2020 I was in search of water therapy and found Swanson McArthur and then COVID happened. In April 2021, when things were safer,  I was able to get in for an assessment.  And then, water therapy - and what a difference this has made in my life!  Suffering from chronic back and neck pain most of my life, I have tried PT, Acupuncture, injections, chiropractic, massage and water therapy.  Working out in the water is the least painful, safe and has been the best treatment for me!  This place is amazing!!! All the staff are friendly, professional and seem truly dedicated to their profession!!  I have worked with Maddie for all my water therapy and she is on top of everything.  She tunes into you personally and addresses ALL the issues at each session.  On-going issues and any new aches or pains, etc…I am forever grateful to her and all the staff here!!

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