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   We treat a variety of conditions associated with both neurological, developmental, injury, and gross motor conditions of all ages ranging from infant to young adult. Our skilled physical therapists will work diligently with both you and your child to help improve their functional mobility and independence. Our approach is fun, creative, and movement based using games, activities and warm-water aquatics. We focus on functional movements to help improve coordination, balance, and strength using a variety of interventions. Our warm water aquatics is an essential part of neuromuscular development with improvement with mobility in a low load environment. Sessions are one on one based and are catered to each individual.

  • SMA-spinal muscular atrophy

  • MD-muscular dystrophy

  • CP-cerebral palsy

  • Congenital abnormalities 

  • Developmental delays 

  • Torticolis/plagiocephaly             

  • Developmental disorders

  • Sensory disorders

  • Autism

  • Idiopathic toe walking 

  • Spina bifida

  • Delayed gross motor skills

  • Hypotonia 

  • Poor motor control/coordination (ataxia)


  • As well as a variety of musculoskeletal conditions 

Conditions Treated

Hear It from Our Patients


   What an amazing staff. Knowledgeable and friendly. We’ve seen great success with my son under Sarah’s care that I even decided to make some appointments for myself with Quinn. This staff has become like family with the care they’ve given us over the last two years

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