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About Us

At Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy we provide comprehensive care for all orthopedic and sports injuries and dysfunctions.  We utilize a variety of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, and extensive patient education to help our patients restore their function and maximize their performance. 


Our physical therapists have completed extensive post-graduate coursework and training in advanced manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques. To further benefit our patients, our entire staff is involved in monthly in-services to promote clinical education and professional growth.  We look forward to helping our patients achieve their goals.  


We are dedicated to providing optimal healing and rehabilitation with accurate diagnoses, leading-edge equipment, and proven hands-on techniques.  We recognize that everyone is unique, so our treatments are customized to meet the needs of each patient.  


Our highly educated staff has dedicated itself to helping patients restore their function, reduce their pain, and understand how to prevent re-injury.  We genuinely care about your recovery.

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