Stretching Exercises


We treat a variety of conditions associated with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (specifically hEDS) and Hypermobile Spectrum Disorder (HSD) in all ages. Physical therapy has been viewed by many physicians who treat EDS as the cornerstone to the management of hEDS and HSD. Typical presentations include joint hypermobility, recurrent subluxations or dislocations, fatigue, chronic pain and balance/coordination issues. With time, chronic pain, posture adaptations, and habitual changes can develop that can generate a cascade of consequences throughout the body, increasingly interfering with daily function. The goal of physical therapy for this population is to prevent or reverse the downward spiral, reduce the pain and fatigue and attempt to improve daily function and enjoyment of life. Research shows that many with hEds or HSD have a poor experience with initial physical therapy especially if PTs are not familiar with these conditions. SMPT strives to reverse this trend. Our physical therapists have worked diligently through continual education to understand proper treatment for this population.

   hEDS is usually associated with other complicating disorders, specifically Dysautonomia involving Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). POTS creates difficulty tolerating change of and maintaining positions making it difficult to follow a typical physical therapy routine. Research shows that the hydrostatic pressure of the pool assists with preventing blood pooling caused by POTS which allows these patients to tolerate upright exercises more than land based therapy.

Hear It from Our Patients


   10/10 best decision of your life will be to get your physical therapy and aquatic therapy from Swanson McArthur. I am only able to walk today because of them, and specifically because of Maddie. She has worked with me for over a year in the aquatic therapy pool as I have progressed from completely disabled to able to walk again. She is not like most providers, she takes the time to learn what is best for you individually and makes sure you get exactly the help you need to thrive again. I am not the easiest patient, I have a rare chronic condition, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, that very few medical professionals, including PTs know about. Maddie has read books and research articles to learn as much as she can and help me function again and reduce my pain. To any and all people looking for a PT to change your life go to Swanson McArthur. While I only have experience working with Maddie, I know all of there therapists are amazing and you are in good hands.