We are grateful for and proud of the relationships we have established with our patients.  Below are some kind words expressed to us by a number of patients over the years.

"I had the opportunity to spend 2 months working with Quinn as a student intern prior to graduation. Quinn is a very skilled therapist who makes quality care for every patient that comes into the office his top priority. He is very personable and is able to find some way to connect with each patient he sees - even his goofy jokes get a good laugh from most! The staff is also very efficient, friendly, and encouraging. 

Quinn pushes himself to be his best and that was no different with me. To say that I was never frustrated or discouraged would be a lie, however now that I am a practicing therapist myself I am very grateful for Quinn's strong guidance and encouragement. I have already been able to make a difference with patients who I otherwise would not have been as successful with due to the time I spent learning from Quinn. He is dedicated to not only his own development but the development of the profession, as evidenced by the effort he put into my clinical education. 

In the current health care debate and climate, Quinn and the staff at Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy fit the model of efficient, effective, patient-centered care.

Thanks Quinn, I really do appreciate all your help and guidance. I wish it was easier to bounce things off you; something you miss when your CI isn't always there!"

- Justin Carrier, DPT

Walking into Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy was the second scariest thing I’ve done in my life.  The first, well that was the actual dislocating of my elbow.  The second I met Quinn all my fear went away.  Quinn is personable, fun and great at what he does.  He has a unique talent of making you feel like his most important patient while making you work harder then you knew you could to help in the heeling of your injury.   He was excited at the prospect of treating a dislocated elbow and made sure to explain the details of my injury to me so that I was better able to understand what my body would have to go through to heal.  

Not only is Quinn great, but his office staff is fantastic as well!  They are friendly and take the time to get to know you.  I found myself actually excited to make my weekly visits and fill everyone in on the crazy going ons of my life. 

Completing my therapy was a bitter sweet day for me, excited to be healed but sad that I will not be making my weekly visits.  I will miss every one of them tremendously.  I know that if I were to injury myself again that I would return to Swanson McArthur and I refer every one I know there as well."

Wendy G.

"To Whom it may concern,

I sustained an injury to my right shoulder which resulted in severe pain and limited movement.  The doctor diagnosed a "frozen shoulder" and referred me to Quinn McArthur.  Because I am normally very active, this condition affected me tremendously.

My first visit with Quinn was a very thorough examination, an explanation of what had happened to my shoulder, and a treatment plan.  He assured me that it would get better and also stressed the importance of being committed to helping myself by doing a list of exercises at home.  Although at times I became frustrated, Quinn and his team helped keep me motivated.  I saw improvement every week because of the excellent care and instruction that I received, and now have full range of motion again. 

Quinn is a very professional, caring individual with a wonderful sense of humor.  It is obvious that he is committed to giving excellent care to his patients.  He makes every patient feel as if they are the most important person in that day.  I actually looked forward to going to physical therapy, (even though it was not always comfortable), because Quinn and his team are so caring and fun to be around.

I will be proud to refer anyone I know to this wonderful office!!"     - Lynn E.  

"I have referred to Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy for the last 17 years while I have been in private practice in Carmichael.  Therefore, when I fell and fractured my foot last fall, there was no question in my mind as to which physical therapist I would use when it came time for me to have physical therapy.

I was a patient in the winter of 2002, and found my experience there to be both helpful and pleasant.  My progress over just six visits was truly impressive!  The facilities and staff were both excellent.  

I, of course, continue to refer to Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy in my practice and can now tell patients "I went there myself," and can add a personal recommendation.  I appreciate the professionalism of Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy both for myself and for my patients."    

  - Jo Coburn, MD

Quinn and Staff,

"Having a second back surgery was a difficult choice, but it was my choice.  Your encouragement, pushiness, great staff and that never-ending dangling "I have something new", will forever haunt me, but that's a good thing.  

Thank you for helping me not regret my choice.  You guys are the best!"      -B. Morgan

"Quinn,  Thanks for all your help - your cured me!"   - David Seminer, MD

"Just a quick note to thank Quinn and all the staff for all the help they've given me over the past few months.  Even though us old geezers don't heal as fast as those in their 60's, I went from rotator cuff surgery in February to full recovery the last week of May.

Quinn, you and your staff are very professional and I will gladly recommend your services to all my friends and associates."
- Richard L.

"I have used Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy twice with great results.  After knee surgery I could hardly move the joint.  About 3 weeks of physical therapy and I was back to normal.

My second use of Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy was for a lower back injury.  I came is to the office in pain and after a few visits I could do all the exercises with less pain each day.  After a few weeks my doctor released me back to work at 100%.

I would recommend Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy not only because they get you back on your feet, they challenge and push you to take a positive healing attitude."    
 - M. Johnson  

"This is my second trip to Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy.  I'd never had a need before, but I am a advocate for the use of PT for injuries.

My first experience was for back pain.  It was my upper back, so surgery was not an option. The result was great - no pain anymore.

My second trip here was for shoulder pain.  I could hardly  put my coat on.  The exercises and treatments given me were successful!  

The staff have become my friends as well as my caregivers.  They are knowledgeable, professional, and kind.  Fun, too.  If I ever need PT, or for my family, this is the place for me.!"    

 - A. Justison 

"Previously when I got injured, I just had to take Tylenol for months on end and wait for the pain to go away.  This time, coming to physical therapy, I started feeling better after the first treatment.  The staff here is fantastic and I would recommend them without hesitation.  

My recovery was so rapid and professionally monitored, by the last 3 visits the pain was gone and we worked on rebuilding the strength in both arms equally. 

This has been the best medically-related experience I 've ever had."    - J. Salon

"I came to Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy because of bursitis in my hips, unable to sleep long at night, in constant pain, and taking ibuprofen and Tylenol night and day.

I am so grateful, I am sleeping through the night.  I took 2 ibuprofen this week for a headache!  I shopped in the mall pain-free, and can iron clothes, standing for a couple of hours without pain."   

- M. Hunter   

"Hey Quinn,

I wanted to get this note (which seems to have become a letter) off thanking you for all of your help.

When I first came to you I was nervous, unsure and felt somewhat uncomfortable.  Your demeanor was calming, assuring, and you were quick to give knowledge about what was in store for me.  What I remember most was that you were the first professional after my accident that asked me questions that showed you cared about what I was going through personally (not just physically).  Because of your actions it was real easy to relax, trust, and most of all bond.

Other than standard direction to the proper exercises I needed to recover, the most important thing you did was always "gently" urge and show me how to excel.  You did this in a way that made me try harder.  Without that push and encouragement there is no way I would be where I am now.  Thank you.

You...take people from pain, doubt and fear of the unknown and show them the way to confidence, tranquility, and a more agreeable mind-set about their physical future. What a job!

Your jokes are a total crack-up (and came just when I always needed them)...heehee...love the one about the mustache if I were to pass out.

I need to commend the girls in your hub also.  They are great.  Of course we all know it starts from the top and trickles down.  With all that said I once again say thank you.  I could not have done it without ya'll.

The very satisfied patient,"  -  J. Torson

"Quinn McArthur provided our daughter’s PT for an ACL injury before and after surgery in 2008.  We spent 4-6 hours per week in his clinic for 4 weeks prior to surgery and 16 weeks post surgery.   This traditional PT was followed by 16 weeks of soccer-specific training and injury prevention training.

Quinn has the unique ability to provide technical expertise in orthopedic rehabilitation and the unfailing personality to motivate young adults to reach their goals.  Teen sports related injuries are a growing reality and Quinn’s technical skills and his own athletic experience provides for an unbelievable combination for rehabilitation.  His “preventative” program is a must for all preteen and teenage athletes, especially girls.  He breaks down running and jumping form and teaches teen’s proper body mechanics and balance while improving overall strength and speed. 

Our daughter has better balance and technical form post surgery because of Quinn’s program. We would highly recommend Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy for complete sports medicine care."

Kelli Teeter

"Restoring function, maximizing performance."

Members, American Physical Therapy Association

It has been our pleasure helping each and every one of our patients achieve their goals.  Physical therapy can often be challenging.  Our staff looks forward to helping each patient succeed. 
"Hi Quinn,

I just wanted to let you know that my ankle held up and thank you and your staff for helping me heal so I could complete this journey with my daughter.  We hiked 125 miles ending at the summit of Whitney.  Couldn't have done it without your excellent care! Thanks again!"

- Garrick Chang, MD