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April 13, 2012

Quinn A. McArthur, owner and managing director of Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy, and the coaching staff at Woodcreek High School have taken a proactive approach in preparing its student-athletes with the necessary skills to prepare for and compete at the highest level possible.  

We focus on appropriate preseason conditioning, consistent and specialized in-season training, and pre- and post-match/training dynamic and static stretching. 

2011 marked the start of Woodcreek's ACL Injury Prevention Program. The program was designed to minimize the risks female athletes  assume when they participte in cutting, jumping, and pivoting sports - like soccer.  

To read about our program published in the Roseville Press Tribune, click here.

The program has been helpful in enhancing the soccer-specific movements needed to be successful at the high school level.  We have adapted the program to meet the needs of the Boy's teams as well.  
We are fully dedicated to the mental and physical development and well-being of our soccer players.

"Restoring function, maximizing performance."

- Members, American Physical Therapy Association -


Woodcreek High School, Girls Soccer team is right on track for a winning season.  Coach Mark Bowman,
who has been coaching at Woodcreek for 12 years, attributes this seasons success to his “talented
and hardworking players.” As a coaching philosophy, Bowman believes soccer is all about the team, not the
individual. This has in turn led to the girls starting a Big Sister-Little Sister program between the JV and Varsity
teams. This program has established a harmonious relationship that has built up the team chemistry amongWHS Girls Soccer team at this year’s the girls, says Bowman. 

Coach Bowman has brought quite a few changes to the program, including bringing on Quinn McArthur, a physical therapist and sports conditioning coach, to help implement an ACL prevention training system. In the summer of 2011 Bowman also started an annual girls soccer camp that has enabled the program to purchase various equipment needed for the High School. 

It seems the efforts and changes that Bowman has implemented in the girls soccer program are bringing about great results. The girls are currently ranked 8th in the state and are 9-3 for their season. They are right on track to make it into section playoffs. Through hard work, dedication, and a team mentality, The Woodcreek Girls Soccer team has every hope of finishing their season strong.  I’m sure the Woodcreek community will be following these girls closely to see what other great things they can achieve. We wish the team all the best in the rest of their season.

                                       Timberwolves for the Goal!
WHS Girls Soccer team at the 2015 California Spring Classic Tournament. 
  Picture courtesy of Heather Hyatt

October 8, 2018
In high school, competitive soccer injuries are bound to happen. In girls, there has been a gradual increase in ACL injuries.

According to the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine, there are about 150,000 ACL injuries in the United states every year, and young women are two to eight times more likely than young males to injure their ACLs, most especially female soccer players compared to their male counterparts.

Many female students of Roseville High School playing on school and or competitive soccer teams have had knee injuries.

Sophomore Delaney Ferre tore her ACL and her meniscus playing for Placer United Development Academy. At this time, her team almost never did exercises to prevent such injuries.

“We would rarely hit the gym but we didn’t really do much weight training so it’s on you to do that outside, but no really does.” Ferre said.

With Ferre being out for around a year, her team will be affected by her absence.

“We have two goalkeepers and the other one will be getting all the playing time, and
 it kind of creates a big problem for when she’s not able to make it to a game.” Ferre said.

Ferre believes that exercises should be implemented into practices to help prevent injuries.

“Because there are so many injuries especially knee injuries for girls soccer, so there
 should be a lot more leg strengthening,” Ferre said.

Sophomore Kaci Zanardelli was playing for Rocklin FC when she tore her ACL. Similar to Ferre, Zanardelli’s team wasn’t doing many injury-preventing exercises at the time, but believes that teams should in the future.

“There are a lot of knee injuries, especially a lot of different ones, so if there are exercises that can prevent them, it will save a lot of injuries and be better for a lot of teams to not have their players out for long periods of time.” Zanardelli said.

Not only do injuries impact one person, the whole team is affected because injured players need to be replaced and the replacements aren’t always the best fit for the team.

“We had to get a lot of new players because I was out and it was not good because they didn’t really know how to play their positions.” Zanardelli said.

Senior Hailey Linarez has suffered from two knee injuries in the past. She tore her ACL and meniscus in eighth grade while playing on the Blues club team and she tore the ligament that holds her kneecap in place at the beginning of high school season her sophomore year. Linarez had two different experiences playing on the teams.

“In high school I wasn’t doing any exercises, but in club we were doing a lot of plyometrics.” Linarez said.

Linarez believes that exercises could help a little bit but it depends on the situation and how your body reacts to the training.

“I think it could help but at the same time I was doing those exercises and I still got hurt so I think it kind of depends on your body,” Linarez said.

While not all high school athletic programs are engaged in training specifically designed to prevent injury, many off campus soccer programs are doing just that. For example, Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy uses specific exercises, and techniques to improve flexibility, strength, endurance, power, agility, and neuromuscular control to help decrease ACL injuries in soccer programs.
They also provide informational seminars to coaches, parents and players on this topic.

Quinn McArthur is a physical therapist that works for Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy and used to volunteer for Woodcreek High schools soccer team as their therapist. He believes in the importance of leg training to prevent knee injuries.

“Strong and flexible muscles are vital to the competitive athlete looking to avoid injury,” MCArthur said. “Equally important is learning how to move athletically in a way that meets the demands of the athlete’s sport.”

McArthur wishes that coaches would focus more on training for injury prevention.

“In a perfect world, each team would have a program specific to their sport that addresses the needs and demands of that sport,” McArthur said.
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Quinn being presented with a Certificate of Recognition from CA Senator, Janet Nguyen, for his dedication to Orthopedic Sports Injury Rehab. It was prompted by his work with long term patient, Elizabeth Watson, who suffered a life altering cycling accident. 

Two years later, she is back to the running and cycling she loves! One of our favorite success stories! Thank you Elizabeth! We are honored by you. Watson Strong!
June 8, 2016