The Roseville Press Tribune
April 13, 2012

Quinn A. McArthur, owner and managing director of Swanson McArthur Physical Therapy, and the coaching staff at Woodcreek High School have taken a proactive approach in preparing its student-athletes with the necessary skills to prepare for and compete at the highest level possible.  

We focus on appropriate preseason conditioning, consistent and specialized in-season training, and pre- and post-match/training dynamic and static stretching. 

2011 marked the start of Woodcreek's ACL Injury Prevention Program. The program was designed to minimize the risks female athletes  assume when they participte in cutting, jumping, and pivoting sports - like soccer.  

To read about our program published in the Roseville Press Tribune, click here.

The program has been helpful in enhancing the soccer-specific movements needed to be successful at the high school level.  We have adapted the program to meet the needs of the Boy's teams as well.  
We are fully dedicated to the mental and physical development and well-being of our soccer players.

"Restoring function, maximizing performance."

- Members, American Physical Therapy Association -
- Diplomats, American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties -

Woodcreek High School, Girls Soccer team is right on track for a winning season.  Coach Mark Bowman,
who has been coaching at Woodcreek for 12 years, attributes this seasons success to his “talented
and hardworking players.” As a coaching philosophy, Bowman believes soccer is all about the team, not the
individual. This has in turn led to the girls starting a Big Sister-Little Sister program between the JV and Varsity
teams. This program has established a harmonious relationship that has built up the team chemistry amongWHS Girls Soccer team at this year’s the girls, says Bowman. 

Coach Bowman has brought quite a few changes to the program, including bringing on Quinn McArthur, a physical therapist and sports conditioning coach, to help implement an ACL prevention training system. In the summer of 2011 Bowman also started an annual girls soccer camp that has enabled the program to purchase various equipment needed for the High School. 

It seems the efforts and changes that Bowman has implemented in the girls soccer program are bringing about great results. The girls are currently ranked 8th in the state and are 9-3 for their season. They are right on track to make it into section playoffs. Through hard work, dedication, and a team mentality, The Woodcreek Girls Soccer team has every hope of finishing their season strong.  I’m sure the Woodcreek community will be following these girls closely to see what other great things they can achieve. We wish the team all the best in the rest of their season.

                                 Timberwolves for the Goal!
WHS Girls Soccer team at the 2015 California Spring Classic Tournament. 
  Picture courtesy of Heather Hyatt